robert's interconnected web page


Hello world,

I'm Rob – I'm a software engineer, an enthusiastic tinkerer of technology, and I'm hugely motivated by work that has a positive impact on people, places, or the planet!

My approach to work is that of a full-stack software generalist: I don't particularly mind what type of work I do, as long as there's value in me doing a thing then I'll happily pick it up and see it through.

I'm currently employed as a Senior Software Engineer at British Cycling, working to make our towns & cities friendlier places to travel through via sustainable means.

I also volunteer with Hackspace Manchester, a local maker-space and community workshop, providing access to equipment & space for DIY or creative projects; as well as just being a great third-place to hang out and make friends.


Metrolink Stops
Online departure boards for Manchester's tram stops.
Dentists on a map
The NHS Find a Dentist service, but with a map and search filters.
BC Route Explorer
A professional development project, exploring an interactive cycling route browser for routes from the Let's Ride website.
Official Team Fortress 2 Wiki
I look after the hosting of the Team Fortress Wiki, after being a long-time contributor and administrator in the early 2010's.