Setting up a new Mac

Rough notes from the setup of a new Mac.



Section Subsection Setting Value
General Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices Untick
Dock Automatically hide and show the Dock Tick
Mission Control Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use Untick
Security General Require password (a period of time) after sleep of screensaver begins Immediately
Security Firewall Turn on Firewall Do it
Notifications Turn on Do not Disturb … When the display is sleeping Tick
Keyboard Keyboard Customize control strip Remove “Siri”
Keyboard Keyboard Customize control strip Add “Screen Lock”
Keyboard Keyboard Modified keys: Caps Lock No Action
Keyboard Shortcuts: Services Search man Page Index in Terminal Untick
Trackpad Scroll & zoom Scroll Direction: Natural Untick
Date & Time Clock Show day of the week Untick



Sourabh Bajaj has a Mac Setup guide with tons of useful information. There’s little point repeating his guidance, just follow the links ๐Ÿ˜‰

brew install bash-completion coreutils fzf tree zsh

brew cask install iterm2 homebrew/cask-fonts/font-fira-code

# Install fzf shell extensions

iTerm2 Settings

Section Setting Value
General Startup Only restore hotkey window
General Window: Native full screen windows Nope
Keys Create a dedicated hotkey window (see below)
Keys Key mappings Set up “MacOS shortcuts โŒ˜โ†, โŒ˜โ†’ and โŒฅโ†, โŒฅโ†’” from Sourabh
Profiles (For each): Working directory Reuse previous session’s directory
Profiles (For each): Key mapping Remove โŒฅโ† and โŒฅโ†’
Profiles (For each): Text: Font: Change font Fira Code; Regular; 12pt; 120% vertical character spacing
Profiles (For each): Text: Font: Use ligatures Yup
Dedicated hotkey window:
Setting Value
Hotkey ยง
Pin hotkey window Yup
Animate showing and hiding Nope
Floating window Yup

CLI tools

  • terraform
  • packer
  • mercurial
  • git
  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • google-cloud-sdk
    • Then authenticate with gcloud auth login
  • php
  • go
  • hugo
brew install docker docker-compose git go hugo mercurial packer php terraform

brew cask install google-cloud-sql docker

The rest

  • Google Chrome
    • Set up work and personal profile
    • Keep in Dock
  • 1Password
    • And Google Chrome extension, once set up
  • Slack
  • Sequel Pro
    • Nightly. The mainline hasn’t had an update in years, but the nightly version has all the juiciness needed for Mojave
  • Skype
  • Visual Studio Code
    • (todo: extensions)
  • PhpStorm
    • (todo: fonts and whatnots)
  • Itsycal (menu bar calendar, like on Windows)
    • Use outline icon
    • Show day of week in icon
    • Show month in icon
  • Pock (Show Dock icons in touch bar)
  • Arq (backups)
brew cask install 1password arq google-chrome homebrew/cask-versions/sequel-pro-nightly itsycal phpstorm pock skype slack visual-studio-code